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April 2018
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     Instead of waiting for your body to suddenly morph into what you want it to be later…start learning how to incorporate a challenging fitness regimen in your home, your workplace, and every place in between NOW!

     YOU can be the editor of your very own, exciting, and convenient daily workout!

     With NFN, YOU will be equipped with the basic knowledge of today's personal trainers, in an easy to learn, easy to use template! Skipping the intense heavy text books reading of institutions and generic magazine workouts alike.


From small ideas of fitness & health, inspired by the fitness needs 
of everyday people like yourself, Naturally Fit Now, LLC was created in Kansas City, Missouri in 2008 with the goal of spreading the message of functional body weight training met with nutrition to meet you at your specific level of fitness.

  Exercise in the United States was not typical about 60 years ago believe it or not. Mostly college athletes, sports figures, and military men had trainers and coaches. Working out was not a conventional thing to do unless you consider manual labor exercise…which it is!!!

In the 1900's exercise trends in America were virtually non-existent, slow going and  very fragile at this time. Standardized FitnessTesting, meshed with depressing statistics, provided proof of the low level of physical fitness within the U.S.

The dawn of the industrialized age of American history, combined with  the past & present appeal of lethargy in our media is now the chief cause of this atrocity. The ability to focus on self preservation became misplaced within the chaotic media induced images, so the people began to gradually descend into lazy, functionless, weak-willed human vegetables…with virtually no nutrients.

The workload of the average person is physically decreasing with every new techological convenience. Where does that leave the physical conditioning of our bodies in the future?

Children shouldn't be handed that legacy.

Our military, the school aged children, and impoverished were the most visible markers of our failing public health back then and now.

Legislation was passed by JFK's Cabinet to adopt a physical education program nationwide, to help prevent unhealthy patterns of inactivity, which led to childhood obesity among other deadly diseases.

President John F. Kennedy was the youngest, most health conscious, fittest President at the time. He followed in Dwight Eisenhowers footsteps and reorganized "The Presidents Council on Youth Fitness/ Physical Fitness" to promote health in our nation by any means necessary.

Testing was conducted to measure fitness improvements with  calisthenic exercise influences from Africa, also gymnastic fundamentals from European countries like Sweden, Germany and many countries prior. The list is worldwide.

  Then came the trend setting, dedicated, "Modern Fitness Heroes" who paved the way for Trainers like me.

The first Calisthenics/ Media Fitness instructor, Chiropractor, Entreprenuer, Inventor, half man-half machine…Jack Lalanne!

 If you didn't know already, Jack was profoundly inspirational to your grandparents and parents during "The Great Depression" with his trusty chair exercises. Jack even spoke on behalf of The Presidents Council on Physical Fitness numerous times.

In 1936 he opened his own Health Club, despite the clueless medical doctors who were against him. Later, in the 80's, his European Health Spas numbered in the hundreds. Bally Total Fitness bought them all.

Jacks feats were plentiful, amazing, and motivating. Truly a fitness legend.

-"If a man made it, don't eat it. If it tastes good, spit it out."

-Jack Lalanne(1914-2011)

"Fit to death."


I'm a Veteran of the U.S. Army, with a background in Martial Arts, and have been studying the Philosophy of Bruce Lee for about 5 years now.  Bruce called it "Jeet Kune Do" or " The Way of the Intercepting Fist".  It is a way of thinking, it is not defined by words or specific actions, as is my training.

Formless in nature, but solid in essence. I teach so that we as a people can prosper as a strong unified nation and I am always open to learn.

Functional Training is the adaptation of a wide variety of movements & is based on functional tasks directed toward everyday life activities. You don't have to be a professional athlete to begin a body weight regimen. You need  a strong will mixed with disclipine.

Fitness is not a chore, it's a lifestyle, so finding time must be a choice.

Seek it. Find it.

-NFN / Bar-tial Artist

Name: Isaac Williams (I.Will)

Occupation: NASM and Level II W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer, Adult/Chilld AED/CPR Certified, U.S. Army Veteran, Functional Exercise & Strength Training Specialist, Self-Defense Instructor, Calisthenic Camp Instructor,  Creator of NFN,    # 1 Bar-tial Artist 

-Your Personal Trainer in Tucson, AZ

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