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April 2018
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The Bar-tial Artists Calisthenics Group

Are you ready for real change in the way you view fitness in this fast paced world?


 If things like, linear robotic machines, treadmills, hours of heavy  lifting, trendy "One Size Fits All" workout videos, bootcamps, excessive running,  Weight Loss Pills and fad diets sound like something you've tried, but  you didn't meet your goal or just couldn't quite fit them into your lifestyle?!?

 It's time to learn and earn your exercise knowledge!



The Bar-tial Artists Class will touch upon a few key points:

  •  Calisthenics Fundamentals  (Why it works & Where to work it)
  •  Terms to Build a Great Work Out   (Bring your pen & pad)
  •  The "How To" Exercise Tutorial   (Time to sweat)
  •  Partners "Excuse Free" Exercises   (Accountability Buddy)
  •  Home "Work" Challenge   (What can you create?)



 Learn how you can be a better you …when you're alone, or in a small group setting…no equipment necessary!

 Utilize "Progressive Functional Exercise" methods without overworking yourself to the point of injury or boredom.

 Practice correct form, evolve into your own unique style of training, develop newly found and re-ignite renewed strength!

 Come motivated, and  leave with new insight of basic progressive bodyweight exercises tailored to fit your personal fitness level, inspired by YOU with a hint of "Bar-tial Artistry".

Let's see if you're ready to take the next challenging steps into your very own personal fitness journey…


 The dates, times & locations are listed below and there is only a $10 donation. See you and your training partner there with gloves, towel and a yoga mat or blanket in hand. There is a 5 person per group maximum.

 Reserve your spot and get a package for any of the pre-scheduled dates below. The 30 minute session will be intense, so come prepared to work hard.


WHEN?                                                                                                 WHERE?




To be announced…catch me on Facebook! Naturally Fit Now, LLC  or  Tucson Bar-tial Artist




Click the link for Google Maps Directions: 

Search: Tucson, AZ Parks



*Note: All classes are strictly for excercise guidance. Participants should always consult with a physician prior to scheduled events and assume personal responsiblity in public areas. Classes will meet weekly at various parks in the Greater Tucson Area. The dates and times listed above are subject to change; unless changes are posted on my Blog, Facebook, or Twitter pages the preceding day sceduled. Feel free to invite friends, family and co-workers. Lets have fun!

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